Working principle

The importance of rapid tests

The limitations and regulations in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic are constantly chaning. One thing is certain: It will take some time until the virus is overcome. Regular and reliable testing has proven to be the best way - within time and other restrictions - to enable visits to restaurants, shops and other service providers.

Self testing is prone to error. Official testing centres, pharmacies, doctor office and other institutions with trained staff are more reliable and ensure professional testing. Regular and wide-spread testing under standardised conditions significantly reduces the probability of infecting other with the corona virus.


CovCheck's working principle

With CovCheck you can make an appointment in a testing centre of your choice and you can see your recent Covid-19 test result on your smartphone shortly after testing. With a negative test result you can visit restraurants, shops and other service providers.

Your benefits: With CovCheck you can make an appointment online and provide your data to the testing centre. This is contactless, safe and quick - and makes booking an appointment as easy as buying a ticket on your smartphone.

This is how it works

  • 1. Make an appointment at a participating testing centre directly in CovCheck for you or your family. Or simply visit a drive-in or walk-in testing centre.
  • 2. Show your QR code before testing.
  • 3. The testing centre assigns your test result in CovCheck.
  • 4. Show your negative test result when visiting restaurants, shops or other service providers.

Any questions? Here are ourFAQ.

Back to Life! With CovCheck more becomes possible again

With CovCheck it can be ensured that only people with a negative test result come together. With a few clicks you can make an appointment at a near-by testing centre, get tested and receive the test result shortly afterwards directly on your smartphone.

Not only don't you have to fill in the paper work at the testing centre, you also don't have to wait there for your test result. When you arrive at your next destination, you probably already have your test result on your smartphone. Now just simply show it to get access and you're good to go.

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The difference between CovCheck, the luca App and the Corona-Warn-App

Both the official Corona-Warn-App and the luca App service the purpose of contact tracing. Thus you are notified, when someone has been in your vicinity, who has had a positive Covid-19 test result.

CovCheck doesn't replace any of these apps, but supplements them. CovCheck allows to show a negative test results to get access to restaurants, shops and other service providers in the first place. With CovCheck you take organising your Covid-19 testing into your own hands. This saves time and gives you added safety about the vailidity of the result and you gain a further piece of freedom back.